Tuesday, September 22, 2009

*new* iPhone/iPod app "Balls Kids"! #iphone #app #toy

A version of the Balls! app that's more kid-friendly. 

No preferences, no pause button, just pure entertainment. 

Tilt to roll the balls, touch the screen to add a ball, touch a ball to blow it up. (If two like balls touch, they still blow up, though.) 

Fun in the car (hold it flat and watch the balls react to acceleration, braking and turns.) (NOT for the driver!) 

More fun sound effects; the chimes are still from a pentatonic scale, so it will still sound musical. 

It's not just for kids - it's also a nice stress-reliever for any age. 

(Note: I am not responsible if your kid drools on your iphone/ipod or tries to eat it! You decide how young is too young!) 

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